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Fleet Management Group trucking and transportation services

Operations Management

We provide our truck owners a professional operational team without all the hassles and investment required to do it yourself. By letting us manage your operations, you get up and running fast.

This includes:

  • Built-in Operation Team with Years of Experience
  • Save Thousands of Dollars in Startup Costs
  • No Offices, Warehouses And No Rent
  • A Team That Works For You
  • And Much More!

Fleet Management

Our fleet management service is designed for large carriers and small fleets. We offer flexible and customized solutions that allow you to offload the responsibility of managing your fleet to us.

We handle everything for you, including handling drivers, scheduling maintenance, truck repairs and full compliance.

How we can help:

  • Securing Loads
  • Dispatching Trucks
  • Advising on Software
  • Managing Drivers
  • Fuel & Mileage Reports
  • Repairs
  • and much more!

Dispatch Services

Dispatchers provide drivers with all the pertinent information they need to pick up and deliver their loads. They are the backbone of this great industry and that is why we, at Fleet Management Group, take great pride in the dispatch services we offer owner operators and small fleets.

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Safety And Compliance

There is no greater threat to a trucking fleet or an individual driver than neglecting safety and compliance. Not only could it reflect poorly on your brand, it could also be extremely costly if the issue ever escalates to the point of going to court.

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As a professional driver, you only have so much time and space for record keeping. And although advancements in technology has made record keeping a lot simpler, most notably by cutting down on the amount of paper blowing around the cab, we know that most drivers have more pressing things to worry about than the meticulous focus one needs for accurate and organized record keeping.

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Auto Transport

Fleet Management Group’s team of dispatch and management experts have many years of experience in the auto transport industry. Auto transport is a very specialized operation and you need a team that knows the car hauling business. As an owner operator or fleet owner, you know how difficult it can be to keep your truck loaded and moving. Driver’s under our care have loads waiting 99% of the time once the driver is compliant. Our team of dispatch experts are continuously looking for loads while you are utilizing your time doing what you do best.

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