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Greensboro Transportation Bookkeeping and Invoicing Services

As a professional driver, you only have so much time and space for record keeping. And although advancements in technology has made record keeping a lot simpler, most notably by cutting down on the amount of paper blowing around the cab, we know that most drivers have more pressing things to worry about than the meticulous focus one needs for accurate and organized record keeping.

That is why Fleet Management Group is proud to offer bookkeeping and invoicing services to our Greensboro partners. Thanks to our 20+ years working in the shipping industry, we are familiar with the procedures you need to comply with.

If you want to save yourself time and money, contact Fleet Management Group today to find out how our bookkeeping and invoicing services can help your business run smoother and become more profitable.

Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

At Fleet Management Group, we understand why some truckers might be resistant to letting another company mind their books. First of all, it’s always nerve-wracking trusting someone else with sensitive information like how much money you are making. That is why we pride ourselves on our discretion.

All the information we handle is confidential, and we can increase your efficiency by taking charge of time-consuming tasks such as filing paperwork, promptly submitting invoices, following up on invoices and paying the bills. Having a dedicated person tracking your expenses, ensuring that everything is recorded in state-of-the art accounting software, is a great way to ensure customers, tax men, and maybe even potential investors have no concerns about your business.

When you let Fleet Management Group handle your bookkeeping, you can rest easy knowing that your daily operations are accounted for.

To learn more about what our bookkeeping services can do for your business, call (704) 230-4262 to speak to a Fleet Management Group representative today.

The Importance of Invoicing

According to a 2015 industry review, only one in 10 freight invoices are accurate. This means that thousands of shippers around the world are leaving money on the table. While it may be hard to believe that so many shipping businesses can be so negligent, especially with something as important as the money they are owed, the payment and auditing of invoices can be a complex, confusing and time-consuming task. And despite its importance, most truckers would rather move on to their next load than chase down invoices.

When you get Fleet Management Group to take care of your invoicing, you are taking the first step to a more profitable business. Our attention to detail when invoicing and forwarding paperwork to your broker, shipper or factoring company guarantees you never leave any money on the table while freeing up valuable time to keep your business rolling. If you would like to learn more about what Fleet Management Group’s invoicing services can do for your Greensboro trucking business, call us today. We are ready to take your call and make sure you are getting the payments you deserve.