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Greensboro Dispatch Services

Where would the trucking industry be without dispatchers? Lost!

Dispatchers provide drivers with all the pertinent information they need to pick up and deliver their loads. They are the backbone of this great industry and that is why we, at Fleet Management Group, take great pride in the dispatch services we offer owner operators and small fleets.

If you are an owner operator or small fleet owner who is tired of spending your valuable time and energy on finding loads and making phone calls, Fleet Management Group is here to help. Our dispatch services can find loads, execute broker contracts, sign rate sheets and provide Greensboro drivers with all the information they need to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about what we can do for your operation, call (704) 230-4262 to speak to one of Fleet Management Group’s professional and highly knowledgeable dispatchers today.

Why Choose Our Dispatch Services?

In this business you need to be able to manage stressful situations and work under pressure. As a driver you know how critical pickup and delivery schedules are, and that things can change suddenly. This is the reason it is important to have a full time reliable dispatch service. Fleet Management Group’s dispatch team can handle all drivers needs, making communications and information transmitted quickly and efficiently. We started out in the industry as drivers, so we know firsthand how complex the driver-dispatcher relationship is. We use our knowledge and 20+ years in the industry to our advantage, serving owner operators and small fleets in a way that guaranteed to benefit them. Working with someone who understands your priorities and needs makes the process so much easier.

Our number one priority is satisfaction. Whether you are operating individually, or a fleet of 500, we can plan your loads so that you are not wasting your valuable time. Every one of our customers receives a dedicated dispatcher as well as an operations manager that will back them up. We don’t want to ever leave you hanging, which is why we have built an infrastructure of support to care for every driver or fleet we work with. We also strive to have you loaded as soon as you are compliant because we know you don’t want you to wait in between loads.

With no hidden fees, Fleet Management Group keeps you moving with above average freight rates. When you work with us, you are more than just a number we’re tracking. Our service is personalized, so that you know you are supported whenever you are on the road and wherever it takes you.

If you want someone in your corner, making sure you’re getting consistent work and making that work more efficient and enjoyable, contact Fleet Management Group today. One of our dispatchers is standing by to speak with you and figure out how we can best serve you. Any questions, concerns or comments are welcome—simply call (704) 230-4262.